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Beauty Beyond Size


Photographer: @sydraewill ​

"The greatest gift you could ever have is knowing your Worth, Power, Intelligence, Strength and Weakness". -

Eleshia Simms-Harris

As I wrote each word down tears began to fall. I had finally let it all go; twenty-eight words to be exact. with those twenty-eight words, crippled my growth.

As my mother would say, " sticks and stones may break your bones but words will never hurt YOU".

I had lost sight of my purpose by allowing people's words or labels to consume my space. So to me, words bruised deeper and lasted longer. While I reflected over the past year, I set a goal to take ownership of those words that would described my past, present and future. I was finished with labels and words that were bound to my personality. These words were a reminder of what I survived despite destroying me. I am proud of my body and curves.
I stand with WOMEN across the world as I share this visual piece in celebration of

Photographer: @sydraewill

Body Paint Artist: @nekotheartist

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