• Living Your Truth

    A short film project

    In this opening scene, I was able to release pain through song. "Purple Moon" written by @ricardobouyett.

    I felt the need to bring stories with intent to trigger emotions & highlight critical issues. It initially started with telling stories of others experiences but at the last minute, I decided to make it more personal and use my family as an example. During this experience, I felt cleansed, awakened and freed.

    I present to you "Living Your Truth" a short film that speaks about owning your past, present and future. #yourstorymatters

    "Working with my partner and brother on this project was inspirational. It leads to healing for both of us, a family unit.
    Showcasing black Millennials being vulnerable & celebrating their sexuality on film was very critical. I wanted to capture our personal stories that are often neglected because of societal restrictions and cultural traditions.
    We shot this project within two days and created improving moments of #BlackJoy ." --

    Created by Eleshia Simms-Harris
    Directed by Ricardo Bouyett
    Score by Steve Carter
    Featuring Shaun J. Wright & Neko L. Harris

    Finding peace through freedom of self while healing from lost love + post sexual abuse + suicide attempt + cultural traditions and living without fear.

    Owning your past, present & future.
    " Living Your Truth"

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    Looking for more stories for the LYT project. Share your story and join the movement. #livingyourtruth


    LYT hosts community events to combine music, arts, and short films with other artists, and to create for us by us experiences.

    Living Your Truth is a movement evolving as an artistic community thru creative freedom!

    Calling all creative's to connect and vibe out in rich and eclectic space throughout the city of Chicago.

    Featuring Artwork by Neko Harris, Sydney Williams & Eleshia Simms-Harris






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