Empowering people of color to live their truth through shared stories of triumph, as a woman of color. I’m a free spirited-visionary Flint native, living in Chicago. Through self-reflecting and finding my purpose, I created elle the brand; a therapeutic guide for self-empowerment and creative freedom. I hold a Bachelors in Fashion Marketing and Management.


    Living your truth is a movement that encourages individuals to live completely free!

    It is a platform where shared journeys of one’s experience are revealed through series of stories. We focus on unleashing your inner strength, living boldly and creating influential artistry.

    The mission of Living in My Truth is to encourage people to make healthy living and self-care a priority. According to World Health Organization 350 million people worldwide suffering from depression. I started this journey as my final attempt to prevent suicide.

    So as I live through my truth I will motivate, educate and share different ways to overcome depression. This movement is in hopes to lower the number of people who suffer from depression and promote healthy habits to prevent suicide caused by depression.


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